Join us on a relaxing evening Puffin and Shearwater boat trip with our wildlife
guide around Ramsey and the outer islands to see Guillimots, Razorbills,
Fulmars, Atlantic Grey Seals, Puffins 
and the incredible passage of hundreds
of Shearwaters as they return  to
their burrows on the grassy
slopes of  the Pembrokeshire islands
for the evening. 

Puffins . Shearwaters . Atlantic Grey Seals . Guillimots . Razorbills . Fulmars . Peregrines . Porpoise

Photographs from left to right:
Porpoise in Ramsey Sound        Atlantic Grey Seal and pup
Puffin and Razorbill       Wildlife guide and passengers on Gower Ranger
Shags and Gulls on the back of Ramsey
Shearwaters offshore from Ramsey