Photo taken by  Gavin Parsons

Common Scooter                 
5.9.04     16 birds sighted just off the island
7.8.04    (26) flying round the island
Feral Snow Goose               9.9.04      1 goose around Grassholm
Fulmars                             16.5.04    (5) reasonably close to Grassholm
Gannets        16.4.04    Nest material collecting, colony larger than last year - very few Juv's around the colony      
                      20.5.04    Nest material collecting together with some birds incubating
                        4.6.04    Photos returned for this date show chicks visible
                      23.7.04    1000's by the Smalls involved in a feeding frenzy with Manx Shearwaters
                      24.7.04    Lots of  both dark and white chicks visible
                      27.7.04    First black chick seen on the sea
                        7.8.04    Many black chicks visible on the island now, also still plenty of white ones in various stages of
                                      changing colour
                    31.08.04    Lots of gannet chicks on the island and on the water
                    09.09.04    Lots of young gannets also thousands of gannets in feeding frenzy behind trawler
Great Skua     5.9.04    8 birds sighted around the island
Guillimots     16.4.04    Many more on the ledges than last year, does it appear so because we have both males and
                                      females and/or will some of these birds be non-breeders that will not hang a about
                      20.5.04    As 16.4.04
                      17.7.04    c.500 on ledges of the North end
                      24.7.04    c.500 on the ledges but no sign of shielding chicks
Kittiwakes    16.4.04    c10 pairs on potential nesting sites on Grassholm
                      20.5.04    As 16.4.04
                      17.7.04    6 nests in use with one containing chicks
                      24.7.04    7 nests occupied with chicks visible on two
                        7.8.04    Three nests with chicks two of which should fledge shortly
Little Gull     29.5.04   (1) 3 miles south of Grassholm adult in summer dress
Black Tern     5.9.04    1 lone bird sighted
Common Tern  5.9.04 (26) birds sighted just off island
Little Tern    30.7.04   1 adult heading south by The Smalls
                        7.8.04   Two adult birds within 15 ft of boat near Grassholm
Manx Shearwater 16.4.04    Zero
                      20.5.04    c100 seen between Grassholm and the Smalls
                      29.5.04    Scattered birds around the Smalls
                      11.7.04    By the Smalls Lighthouse at 4pm a feeding frenzy of c10,000 birds with gannets and dolphins
                      12.7.04    Between Ramsey and Grassholm feeding birds in heavy seas
                      16.7.04    c10,000 in feeding frenzy SW of the Smalls
                      23.7.04    1000's involved in a feeding frenzy by the Smalls Lighthouse
                      24.7.04    Large joint feeding frenzy with Gannets both just S of Grassholm and at the Smalls
                        7.8.04    Joint feeding frenzy with gannets north of Grassholm
                           31/8    c80  lots of manx shearwater around
Sooty Sheawater   2.9.04    (1) lone bird near island

Peregrine Falcon
20.5.04   1seen flying SW and about 5 mins later returning to the island from the SW carrying a Puffin
Pomarine Skua      9.5.04    (1) complete with tail spoons - just south of Grassholm
Puffin                16.4.04    c25 between Ramsey and Grassholm
                          20.5.04    as 16.4.04
                            7.8.04    good numbers between Ramsey and Grassholm
Raven               20.5.04    (2) seen over Grassholm
                            4.6.04    (3) seen over Grassholm
Razorbills         16.4.04    Seen throughout voyage but mainly near Ramsey
Storm Petrels  
27.6.04   (1) 4 miles N or the Smalls
                            3.8.04    (1) 2 miles west of Grassholm
                            2.9.04    (1) close to island
                            5.9.04     7 birds seen around Grassholm
Sandwich Tern 16.4.04     c20 between Ramsey and Grassholm
                         20.5.04     c6 between Grasshold and the Smalls
                         27.7.04     (1) by the North Bishops
                         30.7.04     (3) by the Smalls
Shag                 17.7.04    c40 fledged birds were noted
Turnstone          4.6.04     (1) on the island
                           7.8.04    One on the island
Whimbrel         16.7.04    (1) on the SE corner of the island
                         27.7.04    (1) on the N end of Grassholm
Seals                16.4.04    only a few
                           7.8.04     A large increase in pregnant females