Common and Rissos Dolphin, Porpoise, Orca, Sei, Pilot, Fin and Minke Whale, Basking Shark, Sunfish

WHALE AND DOLPHIN PHOTOS                        GRASSHOLM ISLAND            

Our Whale and Dolphin Watch trips are 2 1/2 to 3 hours of stunning Pembrokeshire scenery and an amazing diversity of wildlife.  Our guide talks with you as we venture offshore to the RSPB island of Grassholm, home to the 3rd largest gannet colony in the northern hemisphere.  We then continue our cruise out beyond Grassholm Island into the distant waters of the Irish Sea in search of a sighting of dolphin, porpoise, orca and whales.  All the time you will see a wealth of seabirds and of course the seals.  Binoculars and identification books onboard.  We will make your voyage comfortable and breathtaking. 

Many species travel through these waters, the main species being common dolphin, rissos dolphin and porpoise.  Together with frequent sightings of orcas, minke and pilot whales.  In 2004 a fabulous sei whale made an appearance.  Sun fish and basking sharks are also in the area.  We have a large Atlantic grey seal colony.  Add to these, sightings of fulmar, great skua, guillimots, kittiwakes, razorbills, manx shearwater, puffins, storm petrels, peregrines and many more.   Whale
These are a series of photographs taken off our Whale and Dolphin Watch Trip on the Ocean Ranger of an Orca called 'John Coe', he is a regular visitor to the area each year.  The other Orca in the photo is one of his females, he is usually seen with his group of about 8 females and young.